Camille Padilla Dalmau

Camille Padilla Dalmau

Digital Storyteller

I'm a writer and multimedia producer who is passionate about many topics including: technology, business, and Latino culture. I can write in Spanish, English, or Spanglish.

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Sherman article

The many faces of Cindy Sherman: Redefining our perception of art

We live in a culture that is increasingly interested in Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. We share our interests through blogging, editing pictures, making our own music, creating videos, and so on. H......

Murals of Philadelphia

Just a simple train towards Center City transports you into a world of art. You may think I’m talking about the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but the world I’m referring to is even closer to home and......

Senatelogo article

Student Senate: Low turnout reflects lack of communication

Hawks have voted and our new University Student Senate (USS) President is George Tsoflias ’13. Tsoflias has worked for the Student Senate since his freshman year. He went from senator to Speaker of......

Dsc 1324 article

"Love is Love" promotes acceptance at St. Joe's

Love was definitely in the air at the Fish Bowl on Tuesday, Feb. 14, when the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and the Student Union Board hosted the first “Love is Love” Valentine’s Day event. The cele......

Joseph kony 2012 article

Kony 2012: 6 days, 100 million hits

The “Kony 2012” video is arguably the most viral video the world has ever seen. In just six days, it reached 100 million views on both YouTube and Vimeo. The short film was made by Jason Russell an......